Unusual Seeds for Vegetable Garden or Your Flower

It’s time to purchase your unusual seeds for your spring flower and vegetable gardens. Since if April showers bring May flowers — what has to occur before that? Seeds from the email! Organic, non-GMO, heritage, specialty — all sorts of seeds. But particularly the seeds for your flower and vegetable gardens. You can have the incredible yard or patio with a little help from flowers and vegetables. For city dwellers, a backyard of odd plants or flowers on the terrace would be the talking point at any party.

And sure, if you are into growing vegetables, then you always need the old stand-by greats, like beefsteak tomatoes. But the fun part is that the weird stuff. There are all kinds of exotic vegetables, as well as organic and heirloom. And some of the flowers are magnificent. And a lot of flowers do come out of bulbs. But this really is the wrong season for this talk — we’re talking seeds now (or bedding plants). There are so many simple to grow, strange seeds readily available now. Many do not even require starting inside. The backyard is your canvas, and the seeds are your brush.

Renee’s Garden Seeds has some unusual varieties available by email (and retail but email is easier).

We have linked to some of the best places to purchase your seeds and if you are within the United States, in many cases they can ship bedding plants (if you want). If you are hunkered down in chilly weather at the moment, maybe with a great fire roaring inside but snow outside — there’s nothing better than planning out your backyard and ordering your seeds. Is there?

Staggered height planting — both corn and sunflowers side by sideeffects Source

Can I Learn How to Grow a Garden?

It’s simple. But you should start out with a strategy, online paper. Even if it’s somewhat flexible. Tall flowers or items that enjoy trellises, such as beans, at the back to not impede sunlight. Plant rows which run north west south to Prevent plants shading each other. Be careful to look closely at your planting zone — it is crucial. Your timing varies greatly depending on where you’re.

ICantGarden.info is a totally free information portal website by Push the World company () to educate people to backyard. It’s simple, and it is rewarding. And you’ll be amazed the amount of food — or flowers — you can grow in a little raised bed (which means you do not need to bend). A great deal of your success is dependent upon where you start — and who you buy your seeds out of.

Unusual Seeds for your Vegetable Garden

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has a number of the strangest and seeds and exotic in the US, like Papa’s Red Cornmentioned above.

But they don’t stop at red corn, so there is almost a corn of every colour in their unusual seed choice. Attempt their Hopi Turquoise.

Now, that is a cauliflower of a different colour. We turn to the old faithful, Burpee’s Catalog for purple cauliflower.

Or head over to Johnny’s Seeds for some Purple Haze Carrots. They are 100 percent employee-owned and non GMO. Plus they have some very strange seeds and great info.

This is definitely the most amazing steaks. Yes, that is right, cauliflower. Romanesco Cauliflower seeds come from DBrown Seeds in the United Kingdom.

Eliminate your blue strawberry seeds (and yellowish, also!) In DH Gate. They’ve pretty much created strawberries in every colour of the rainbow now. It’s almost overpowering.

DH Gate can also sell you a bit of square watermelon seeds. Yes, we’re serious! They’re easier to stack, that is for certain.

Along with DH Gate also has giant spicy chili peppers. You will have to live in a hot summer zone to grow these unusual Capsicums.

By My Seeds — about a blue pumpkin? A highly unusual offering — that the colour is a dusty blue although the inside is ordinary pumpkin.

Even the Seed Master will offer you some West Indian Cucumber seeds. Talk about exotic looking.

Unusual Seeds for your Flower Garden

This Purple Passion blossom from Mystic Seeds turns a lot of heads — and they are simple to care for.

Rainbow Rose seeds are available on Amazon. Are not they something to check at? Just how do they do this?

Even the White Bat Flower is one you probably haven’t seen before! An extremely unusual plant for your garden.

The Purple Mandala Moon Flower is available in seed form around Ebay. These flowers really make an impression in any backyard or terrace.

The rare Blue Daisy can be accessible on Ebay. This is among our favourite flowers — intricately designed and thus so fragile looking.

Along with the extraordinary Monkey Orchid — seeds out of eBay along with other resources. Kids love this person. And the next one.

And you may get the odd Lip Flower seeds at Amazon. Don’t they look like a set of brightly colored red lips?

And although not a flower or vegetable, we couldn’t withstand this rare blue bamboo seed out of eBay. With just a tiny bit of googling, you’ll find a lot more peculiar seeds to grow exotic and rare flowers and vegetables. The time is nigh — happy gardening!