The new nursery

Expecting? Carry your nursery into another level with these simple tips …

Copyright: bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo

Happily, gone are the days of naff baby nurseries. No longer frills, fluff or overly cutesy décor, and especially no longer ‘sex exclusive’ colors (whatever that means). Take your nursery into another level with milder, neutral colors that fit in with your contemporary house and create an area for you and baby to nest, nurture and relax. Here is how:

Raw, exposed wood and unpainted (baby safe) surfaces help create a softer appearance that lends itself well to modern areas and a more natural decorative.

Not only is the concept of sex exclusive colouring totally obsolete, but it can also be harmful to some tiny one’s awareness of self because they grow up. Whoever said pink was for girls and blue for boys anyway? Rather allow a neutral space and bring in pops of colour here and there to brighten things up.

3. Eco sustainable toys and products

We don’t need to let you know how important it’s to use baby safe, BPA free toys and products for your small ones, nor how important it’s to preserve the environment. Take care of both in one step with eco friendly toys that are beneficial to your small ones and great for the planet.