From the Rose Garden a Dark Day for Women’s Health, to the Capitol

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Women's March 1950's

Congress and the Trump Administration doubled down to their agenda for women’s health, now.

In a Rose Garden ceremony, President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at rolling back the warranty of birth control policy of the Affordable Care Act. While it had been much less sweeping than the leaked draft sequence that circulated weeks before, make no mistake: It is a license to discriminate. It usually means that her family members and a girl could eliminate birth control policy — an employment advantage she has earned because her boss has a religious objection to it. Women could be literally paying for their managers’ beliefs.

Then, just down the street, that the House of Representatives narrowly passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA)– that the Affordable Care Act repeal bill championed by the President. The bill would threaten access with communities of color individuals, people that are low-income, the burden falling hardest on people with disabilities, and also, yes, girls. It place restrictions for abortion treatment, gut coverage requirements such as care, and would block patients from accessing care at Planned Parenthood. It would make it more difficult for girls to access whether they want even to increase a healthy family or terminate a pregnancy, to have a healthy pregnancy , or to block.

Taken together, these two actions roll back many of the strides the ACA made toward removing discrimination against girls seeking health care.

By ensuring they were fully covered without a co-pay — access expanded to a vast assortment of birth control systems — breastfeeding support, along with other women’s preventive services tests, and STI testing and counseling. Access to birth control is vital to women’s equality. It enables us to pursue careers and education, to strategy whether and if to have children, and to lead full lifestyles.

But the president has called about the ACA’s guarantee of coverage for birth control and women’s diagnostic services. Already, houses of worship having objections to this policy are exempt from providing it. For organizations that are certain, an accommodation acts a workaround to ensure that their families and workers get the coverage they need despite their managers’ spiritual objections. The guarantee could be — effectively gutted by the new rules — that we have seen by creating a wide religious exemption which allows more companies to interfere in their workers’ health care. Together with how the ACA repeal bill passed in the House now would render millions of girls without insurance policy at all, this represents a serious drawback.

In assaulting the health of women, of course, that the ACA repeal bill does not stop there. It would “defund” Planned Parenthood by obstructing Medicaid patients from looking at Planned Parenthood health centers, right targeting the low carb patients who Planned Parenthood serves and blocking their access to lifesaving preventive care such as cancer screenings, breast exams, STI tests and therapy, along with birth control. Because of this, Planned Parenthood health centers, that 2.5 million people rely on for care every year, may be made to close their doors.

The bill would permit states to reevaluate health advantages criteria, providing insurance companies free rein to exclude coverage for newborn care, maternity care, mental health and drug use treatment, prescription drugs, and more. This would force women to go back to the days when they paid extra for maternity care care, which has been excluded before the ACA from individual strategies.

The AHCA would attack abortion access by removing abortion coverage. For women, insurance policy for diplomatic usually means the difference between obtaining the attention they need or not — that may have devastating consequences.

In addition to that, but in removing the protections of the ACA for people with conditions, the AHCA could make becoming a girl a condition.

The bill would give insurance businesses license to discriminate based on history by charging people with conditions more for their coverage. This would have a profound impact on women, who for preexisting conditions such as breast cancer C-sections, pregnancy, and even therapy for domestic violence were disqualified from policy before the ACA.

With the president’s trademark on the Executive Order and today’s House passage of the AHCA, the brakes have now been set in motion. We’ll do everything we can to stop this schedule from moving farther.

The AHCA could proceed to the Senate for a vote as we wait to see the entire impact of the order. Let your senators know which you reject this bill and any assault on women’s health care.


Abortion is a privilege not a “right”. If you have money and means your pregnancy can be terminated by you. True since the beginning. When abortion was lawful but not available in my 18, my mum was pregnant in a time. Though she didn’t want to so she had me. Wrong or right I am here, I had a childhood with an absent teenage mother but I was “ok”. Because I know how I got on this world, I am neither for or against abortion.

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    Sure, I expect you get butt raped several times with someone. Wait, you didn’t want to have HIV? Therefore don’t get raped! Simple!


    I am gay, I already have HIV also it was not rape. It ended up being a liar.


    Abortion isn’t a right nor it is it a chance; abortion is murder plain and straightforward. Thank God that the Republicans have stopped the murder of children.


      You imbeciles, abortion of a fetus is just similar to eating nuts, you aren’t killing a shrub, but a seed. Get it over, you still uneducated morons.


      However, it’s alright that they passed a health care bill that could take coverage away from huge numbers of people, such as children. Since they can not get treatments, many of that will DIE. Which is MURDER of children!!!! You pro-lifers are these hypocrits.


      To the person who believes it is just ‘murdering a seed’… Seeds don’t possess heartbeats, nervous systems, intelligence… Etc.. Once abortion remains conducted A baby has these things way before the 20 week mark . And huge numbers of people don’t die, nor get rid of coverage. Read more details. Make and States and state legislature has to do their tasks.


      Republicans didn’t end abortion.

      They did wind health coverage for virtually any infant.

      Very good job. You should be proud to reject this type of assistance for your living.


      You are not pro life. You are pro-birth. In the event you were pro-life all the cuts would disgust you this health care plan makes into the people.


      The republicans have done nothing to modify abortion. Yesterday I got one.