Teaching Career

Are you ready to become a teacher? It is a noble career choice, and very rewarding. You are going to be instrumental in helping mold and shape young people’s lives, whether you dive into elementary education or secondary education. If you plan to get into teaching, I can give you some pointers, as I attached teaching certification to my degree an have taught before in many different capacities. Check out macclesfield.ac.uk site to get some great tips and start your career.

First, if already in college, you do need to make the decision after gen ed requirements whether you are going to go into elementary education or teach at the secondary level. Elementary education naturally covers up to 5th grade, and secondary education is all about middle school and high school. You can also choose to become a special education teacher or an inclusion teacher. It is important to note that regular teachers are also highly trained to work with kids that have special needs.

Once you make that decision, you can plan out your college coursework. If you choose elementary education, then education is going to be your major in college. If you choose secondary education, you will need to pick a specific subject as your major and attach secondary teacher’s certification to your degree. You can, of course, pick a minor and be certified in both fields, say math and science.

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My fields were English and History. After choosing which route you are going to take so you can plan out your coursework, it is important to note what should be your focus. First, network, network, network. Network with professors, other teachers and students like yourself who plan to become teachers. Second, focus on curriculum and instruction courses heavily. You need the knowledge from these courses, and you need to know that keeping up with technology is a must.

teaching career

You want to use technology to engage your students, and you want to use technology because it helps provide different types of instruction. Keep in mind, however, that classroom traditions and discipline are equally important. You need to also focus on public speaking and getting comfortable with being up in front of a classroom of students. It gets easier and easier, no matter the task at hand. Work also on developing lesson plans because you will need strong lesson plans to connect with your students. I hope these tips help prepare you to be a great teacher as you embrace such a great career.