Vitamins For Macular Degeneration

If you are noticing blind spots in your vision or your vision is blurry, you might have wet macular degeneration symptoms. This condition can make it difficult to see and it tends to get worse. Wet macular degeneration happens when blood vessels start to leak into your macula which is part of your retina and allows you to see. Read here to learn more about wet macular degeneration and your treatment options for this disease.

It is important to get your eyes treated early if you think you might have macular degeneration. One of the symptoms of this disease is visual distortions and reduced vision. Colors might not look as bright or intense and you might have a blurry spot or a blind spot. Your vision is going to look hazy and it can progressively get worse, especially if you are over 50.

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You need to see a doctor right away if you think you have this disease. Doctors don’t know the cause of macular degeneration but they do know that it is caused by abnormal blood vessel growth and when these blood vessels leak they can interfere with the retina. You can also get wet macular degeneration when you have a buildup of fluid in your eyes.

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There are certain factors that can put you at risk for macular degeneration. You are more likely to get it if you are over 65 and you are also more likely to get it if you have a family history of it. Smoking can increase your risk of getting this disease and so can being obese. You are also more likely to get it if you have cardiovascular disease.

The best way to prevent this disease is to have regular eye exams. Avoid smoking and make sure that you manage any disorders that you have and try to keep your weight at a healthy level. You should also make sure that exercise regularly. Eating a healthy diet can reduce your chances of getting this disease and you can also reduce your risk by taking supplements.

If you think you have macular degeneration you are going to want to book an appointment with your eye doctor to get tested. The doctor will examine your eyes and if you have this condition the doctor will put you on a treatment plan. There is no cure for macular degeneration but you can take medication that will slow the progression of the disease. You will need injections of medicine in your eyes every four weeks and some of your vision may return.

Thesightclinic suggests that you can also use laser treatments to help shrink the blood vessels. Macular degeneration can lead to blindness so it is important that you get it treated early so you can regain more of your lost vision. Macular degeneration is a serious disease and it can change your life so you need to see a doctor right away if you notice any changes in your vision so you can treat yourself to this serious condition.