Main Street flower beds to Add vegetables as part of new community garden

Besides stopping and smelling the flowers, those visiting Main Street will soon have the ability to catch a tomato and a squash too from downtown’s new public vegetable garden, due to the Hy-Vee One-Step Garden Grant.According to Main Street Cultural District (MSCD) Executive Director Cindy Hicks, the fresh garden will give residents of downtown a rare chance to select newly grown vegetables from your garden. “If You Wish to Cultivate your own garden, and you live downtown, then the

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Spring Flower Pictures


Spring blossoms are among the great joys in my backyard. After a winter of white, seeing leaves and blossoms emerge makes a lot of the work worthwhile. I confess to enjoying spring far more now that I am not working 18 hours days out in the nursery.

One of the things that’s happening is I am not putting some perennials. My aim is to find the stone wall around the garden enough that I can begin replanting a year ago. However, for the moment, walking around in the backyard hauling stone is no way to deal with either plants or soil. There will be a whole lot of work to increase the thickness of the beds (Buck and I will move the remaining portion of the soil in the older garden) and that too is slated for this year. (Ever see how much work we all plan in spring and also how much work we really get performed from October?)

Regardless, my friends here are a Couple of shots of my backyard as it unrolls

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